Optimum Drive

The roadmap to driving greatness £15.00

Optimum Drive – The roadmap to driving greatness – You can be great!
Optimum Drive is the complete step-by-step guide to maximizing human performance in any endeavor you choose to conquer

Why you should read Optimum Drive


  • This book is not just about learning how to drive race cars, that is just the ideal metaphor since racing has captured more information on the topic than most sports combined. Use it for anything.
  • Auto Racing (by far the richest sport in the world) has invested more money evaluating human performance than any other sport. So even if you don’t follow motorsports there is much to learn if you are interested in unlocking your hidden potential.
  • Optimum Drive does not shy away (it specifically focuses on) the uncomfortable aspects of why people stagnate well before their potential is realized and provides a precise, step-by-step guide to unlock that hidden potential.
  • Optimum Drive is unique in that the author (former Top Gear US Stig, Paul F. Gerrard) is not just a typical “expert” who externally studies the subject he writes about. He has taught and refined the principles for over 20 years with thousands of successful students. He has also personally used the principles to achieve the potential (in all of us) that the book bluntly promises. The book was actually written while in the flow state that is at the very core of Optimum Drive.
  • Optimum Drive fully embraces the human factors that involve learning. We are not robots, we are complex with unique perspectives on just about everything. This book will make you better because it steadfastly refuses to conveniently ignore why we actually stop improving.
  • Optimum Drive is an unblinking stare into the void. Cheerfully written but serious in its intent. We, as humans, are controlled (and comforted) by our self-imposed limitations, yes todays coddling contentment locks us down, simultaneously killing our dreams along with our potential. Interestingly we can feel this truth so…stare into the void. The best of you is hiding in there…waiting.

Attaining peak performance: Optimum Drive is a motivational book that uses top level race car driving as a metaphor for peak performance. As a professional racing driver himself as well a driving coach for over 20 years, the author Paul F. Gerrard has penned his unique perspective on what causes people to stagnate with the idea of being merely good, when each of us has the potential to be great. Gerrard believes that peak performance is within our grasp. He lays out his step-by-step process for attaining peak performance with detailed nuance threaded throughout. If you have ever been curious about maximizing your own ultimate potential, Optimum Drive is for you!
Mental toughness: Greatness is as hard to quantify as it is to achieve…probably not a coincidence. In this debut book, Optimum Drive, professional driver Gerrard helps you understand the mental toughness that it takes to reach that greatness. He starts off by taking you onto the track as he explores what driving at 200 mph can teach us about who we are. Using his experiences from behind the wheel at death-defying speeds, Gerrard breaks down the psychology of driving, what it takes, and how we can use it to achieve greatness in life.
Flow psychology and staying in the zone: The key to the mental toughness that Gerrard believes it takes to achieve peak performance is the nirvana-like sensation of flow psychology or being in the zone. Flow psychology, or being in the zone, is a mental state in which one who is performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and joy. It is through flow psychology that Gerrard introduces a blend of holistic mindset combined with a competitive edge, which is essential to successful professional driving. This mix of guts, tenacity and endurance is the foundation of Gerrard’s philosophy for attaining greatness.
Natural vs. earned talent; After flow psychology, you will learn about natural vs earned talent and how the way we drive is representative of who we are. From braking, cornering and accelerating to anticipation vs. reaction, refining a process that defines our greatness in or out of the car.

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