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William and Soheila Kimberley have been in the motorsport industry for over 35 years and are known as a formidable duo.

Starting in 1982 with Kimberley’s Grand Prix Guides, they have both gone on to work on over ten titles including Motor Sport Magazine, World Sportscars, Ferrari World, Italian Cars, Country Car, Automotive Engineer, RACE TECH, Moto Tech, Bernoulli and more recently Historic Racing Technology and Track Car Performance magazines.


Kimberley Media Group Ltd was first established in 1995 publishing RACE TECH which recently celebrated it's 20th anniversary. Since then it's launched Race Engine Technology, Bernouli, Moto Tech, Historic Racing Technology and Track Car Performance magazines.



Whilst reaching a large UK audience, RACE TECH, Historic Racing Technology and Track Car Performance magazines are also all international titles sold across the globe in high street stores, including Barnes & Nobles as well as in many travel outlets, stations and airports.



The editorial team at Kimberley Media Group Ltd is run by award winning editor-in-chief William Kimberley who has over 35 years experience as a motoring journalist, editor and author. William restored his first car - a 1935 Derby Bentley - at 17 with his step-father and former President of the Bentley Drivers Club, Johnnie Green, who also wrote 'Bentley - 50 years of the Marque' and 'Legendary Hispano Suiza'.

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Exciting new concept

Track car performance is the one stop publication for all those involved in this area of performance driving, from the drivers, to the suppliers, the track day operators and the equipment and service suppliers. brings together journalists from RACE TECH, Historic Racing Technology and Track Driver magazines to create the ultimate guide for an exciting track experience!

Motorsport Engineering at its best!

RACE TECH is recognised as the leading international authority on engineering and technology in motorsport. It applies its unique approach to all aspects of motorsport engineering, from the engine and powertrain, through to suspension, vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics. Beyond that it also covers the wider motorsport industry, looking at business and administrative issues, technical regulations and current affairs.

Today's technology in yesterday's cars!

Ranging from club competitors to those involved with major international events, Historic Racing Technology covers every aspect of classic and vintage motorsport. Topics include engine building, coach building, body work, reverse engineering techniques and manufacturing. Each issue is packed with technical articles, features and product news with machinery ranging from the very earliest days of motorsport, right up to modern classics such as Group C and Super Touring Cars.

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