Issue 221 £5.95

RACE TECH April 2019

As well as the very latest industry news and scintillating comment, the April issue of Race Tech contains:
  • WHAT DOES BREXIT MEAN TO MOTORSPORT? Alan Stoddart quizzes Motorsport UK chairman David Richards on the implications of Brexit
  • F1 SEASON PREVIEW Craig Scarborough evaluates the design trends that mark the latest crop of new F1 machinery
  • EXTREME E: BLUE PLANET MEETS DAKAR Taking electric SUVs to the most inhospitable parts of the planet could be dismissed as a gimmick. But when it’s proposed by the visionary behind Formula E, you have to take it seriously

  • World rallying’s biggest news
  • William Kimberley marks the passing of a man who was behind the greatest safety innovation since the seatbelt
    PLUS much much more….




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