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F1 2022: EXPERT ANALYSIS: The floor-dominated aerodynamics of the new cars had one big surprise in store for the teams. Porpoising aside, it was an encouraging start. Our Expert Witness, an F1 insider who must retain anonymity, delivers their verdict

THE CAR THAT CHANGED CROSS COUNTRY RALLYING FOREVER: The chief designer of Audi’s RS Q e-tron, the most complex car the manufacturer has ever built, talks to Chris Pickering in the aftermath of its stunning Dakar Rally debut

HOW TO LAUNCH YOUR ELECTRIC RACING CAREER? Is this the new career pathway for young driving and engineering talent? Chris Pickering talks to the creators of the world’s first all-electric junior formula race series

AERO TECH: Formula 1 Chief Technical Officer Pat Symonds reveals the extent of the painstaking work that fashioned the design of the 2022 cars. By Chris Pickering

TYRE TECH: Pirelli is at the forefront of Formula 1’s technical revolution as, after more than half a century of 13-inch tyres, the size increases to18 inches this season. Mark Skewis reports

RALLY TECH: M-Sport surged back to the pinnacle of the World Rally Championship as the sport’s new ruleset commenced. Hal Ridge talks to the lead development engineer on the new Rally1 Puma

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