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AI-DRIVEN CFD SIMULATION IN F1: The FIA is keen to explore the benefits that Artificial Intelligence could bring to motorsport. FIA Principal Aerodynamicist Simon Dodman offers a tantalising glimpse of how this could be achieved. By Chris Pickering

RED BULL RB20: Red Bull rocks rivals by leaping forward again with the new RB20. By Mark Hughes

FUEL SYSTEMS OF THE FUTURE: Motorsport is chasing a sustainable pathway, but new powertrain technologies bring fresh challenges for the whole supply chain. Chris Pickering talks to ATL CEO Giles Dawson


COMMENT: Sergio Rinland Formula One Management’s rejection of the Andretti-Cadillac F1 bid left Sergio Rinland incredulous. Here’s why

BRAKE TECH: Alcon’s innovative yet simple solution to a long-standing braking challenge won Race Tech’s Most Innovative New Motorsport Product of the Year award. Chris Pickering discusses the breakthrough with David Clegg, principal motorsport brake engineer

SILVERSTONE’S GP DEAL: Portrayed as out-of-touch in previous negotiations, Silverstone’s vision for a sustainable future has just scooped anew long-term deal for the British GP. Tony Dodgins quizzes Silverstone MD Stuart Pringle

ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGY: McLaren Racing was an early adopter of the technology but James Roberts, additive manufacturing manager, has seen the team’s AM capabilities expand beyond the wildest imagination of those early pioneers. By Chris Pickering

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