Issue 225 £5.95
  • HYPERCAR REVOLUTION – Sportscar racing tipped for “golden era” as new rules get green light
  • F1’S AERO DILEMMA – Irritated by suggestions that some of the top teams have fumbled F1’s front wing revamp, our Secret Aerodynamicist – an F1 insider – shoots down a few myths
  • SAVING LIVES IN INDYCAR – A Formula 1 import had a big impact at the Indy 500 – just not the one that was expected. Matt Youson talks to the company developing the next generation of cockpit protection for IndyCar
  • FORMULA 1 – Tony Dodgins reflects on Niki Lauda, a hero who, as the title of his autobiography suggested, went ‘to hell and back’
  • LE MANS TECHNICAL DEBRIEF- The specification of cars for the Super Season finale at Le Mans was fixed long ago. But, as Alan Stoddart finds out, the suppliers have instead been planning ahead for a hypercar future

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