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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE:FRIEND OR FOE? Chris Pickering consults experts who firmly believe that, rather than posing a threat to humanity, Artificial Intelligence has the remarkable potential to revolutionize motorsport for the better.

HELLO TO HYDROGEN: The powertrain of Toyota’s GR H2 Racing Concept, revealed at Le Mans, features a hydrogen engine and hybrid system. It was one of three H2 concepts launched at the centenary race. Hydrogen is coming…

LE MANS DEBRIEF: Gary Watkins examines the events behind the scenes that influenced the way an epic duel played out between Ferrari and Toyota.

SENSOR TECHNOLOGY: In a sport that’s all about marginal gains, the ingenuity and accuracy of sensor technology can make the difference between victory and defeat. By Chris Pickering.

THE MOST SUSTAINABLE BRITISH GP EVER: Mirroring F1’s drive to be Net-Zero Carbon by 2030, Silverstone has placed sustainability at the heart of ambitious new plans. Peter Innes talks to the man tasked with re-imagining how the home of the British GP operates.

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