December RACE TECH

Issue 253 £5.95

WHAT DOES COP26 MEAN FOR MOTORSPORT?: With the world’s most guilt-laden frequent flyers gathered for the climate change conference, Chris Ellis examines the possible fallout for our industry

TRIBUTES TO A MAGNIFICENT MAN: Key industry figures remember Kimberley Media Group founder William Kimberley

THE BIOFUEL OFFERING AN 80% CUT IN EMISSIONS: Generation 2 biofuel manufactured from agricultural waste and efuels created from carbon capture offer Prodrive’s Dakar challenger an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Chris Pickering investigates

FUEL & LUBRICANTS: With fluids accounting for a substantial percentage of the overall power gain in a Formula 1 engine, the pursuit of improvement, however marginal, can make all the difference. Chris Pickering talks to the PETRONAS trackside fluid engineers

SIMULATION: Computers have evolved into incredibly sophisticated simulation machines, but there’s still no substitute for the human brain. Chris Pickering finds out more Dr Oliver Watkins, former Head of Simulation Development at McLaren Racing, bids goodbye to NASCAR’s trailing arm suspension – by simulating its use on a Formula 1 car!

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