February RACE TECH

Issue 243 £5.95

28 SECONDS THAT CHANGED F1 HISTORY: Mark Skewis reports on the quest to learn lessons from an accident that sent shock waves through the sport

“RUNNING FIREBALL”: As he escaped miraculously from the Bahrain GP inferno, Romain Grosjean had an image from a safety video rushing through his mind. Marc Cutler reveals how the FIA’s new protective clothing standard, introduced last season, raised the safety bar

GET READY FOR A GOLDEN ERA: Porsche and Audi commitment to LMDh paves the way for the creation of a breed of turn-key endurance race cars not seen since Group C

BATTERY TECH: With battery technology key to the seismic shift towards electrification, Chris Pickering talks to the US CEO of a battery pioneer that deals with some of the world’s most demanding customers

FORMULA E: Formula E has propelled the science of race transmission design and development into a new era. Chris Pickering talks to the supplier instrumental in the reigning champions’ back-to-back double title success

PROFILE: BREDA RACING Giorgio Breda is still looking to the future, more than 40 years after starting his motorsport adventure. By Mark Skewis

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