February RACE TECH

Issue 279 £5.95


AUDI RS Q E-TRON: Win or lose in its final crack at what could be the toughest Dakar Rally yet, Audi’s RS    Qe-tron will be remembered. By Chris Pickering

THE ‘LOST BEATLES SINGLE’ LOTUS FIND!: The Lotus Can-Am that never was, now is! Chris Pickering explains, with the help of two of the key figures behind a stunning project

MOVE OVER, MAX?: Is the world ready for another driverless race series? The Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League believes so. By Chris Pickering

WORLD MOTORSPORT SYMPOSIUM: Mark Skewis offers a glimpse behind the scenes of what many considered to be the finest World Motorsport Symposium to date

POWER TECH: FORMULA E: With fast-charge pit stops on the agenda, the new Formula E season carries the all-electric series into fresh territory. Alessandra Ciliberti, ABB FIA Formula E World Championship technical manager, gives Chris Pickering a glimpse of what’s ahead

GREEN TECH: EXTREME E: Olivia Hicks reports from Chile’s season finale on Extreme E’s attempt to bridge the gap between utilities and environmentalists

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