Historic Racing Technology Issue 23

  • Historic Racing Association: William Kimberley reports on the formation of a new association, conceived to provide representation for the entire historic motorsport sector
  • Petronella: Any car named after a grandmother is going to be cherished, but as William Kimberley discovers, there are details that make Petronella particularly special
  • Engine tech: For the first time since 1933, it’s now possible to buy a completely new Alfa Romeo 6C engine. Chris Pickering investigates
  • Digital development:  Today’s engineers have tools that would have dropped the jaws of history’s most renowned designers, but as Alan Stoddart discovers, deploying them effectively is a whole other matter
  • Retro Rallycross: As World RX has scaled new heights, so interest in the sport’s history has rocketed too. Hal Ridge examines some of the new recruits – and the issues they bring

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