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F1 2021 – The grand unveiling of F1’s 2021 regulations reveals a sport looking to fundamentally change the way it works, on track and off. It makes everything that’s gone before look like tinkering in the margins… Matt Youson reports

F1 2019 TECHNICAL DEBRIEF – The sixth straight double title haul for Mercedes doesn’t do justice to the ferocity of the fight beneath the surface. Craig Scarborough explain

GREEN TECH SPECIAL – Chris Pickering examines an electric racecar that was devised to highlight climate change and help create a low-carbon future powered by renewable energy

  • William Kimberley introduces the contenders for Race Tech’s exciting new award category
  • Dominic Harlow reflects on the de-carbonization of motorsport.

WORLD MOTORSPORT SYMPOSIUM – William Kimberley talks to Lucas di Grassi, who is giving the keynote speech at the World Motorsport Symposium about his vision for motorsport’s future – and whether it has one

  • William Kimberley presents the nominations for Race Tech’s technical awards: Race Powertrain of the Year, and Dino Toso Aerodynamicist of the Year

Pit stop robots & 1,000 hp! The DTM’s futuristic vision features spectacular 1,000 hp projectiles, powered by batteries or fuel calls, but it’s not the cars that have captured most of the attention. Sergio Rinland talks robot pit stop

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