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FORMULA 1’s ‘GOLDILOCKS’ MOMENT! Rather than porridge or beds, it was down force and drag that had to be managed in 2022: too little, too much, or just right? Craig Scarborough examines the top teams’ approach to Formula 1’s new aero regulations

MERCEDES-AMG ONE: Chris Pickering discovers how Mercedes High Performance Powertrains preserved the DNA of Lewis Hamilton’s 2015 title-winning F1 engine as the heart of the road-legal Mercedes-AMG ONE

MOST INNOVATIVE NEW PRODUCTS: Away from the dazzle of the spotlight, these are some of the innovative products that shaped motorsport in2022. By Mark Skewis

TOURING CARS: David Tremayne talks to outgoing BTCC tech director Peter Riches, a key architect in the rise and rise of British Touring Car racing

GREEN TECH: Mission H24’s hydrogen-powered endurance racer is primed for its first full season of racing in 2023. Jean-François Weber, GreenGT’s managing director and head of R&D, gives Chris Pickering an update on progress

WORLD MOTORSPORT SYMPOSIUM: Our guide to the nominations for RACE TECH’s technical awards: Aerodynamicist of the Year; Race Powertrain of the Year; Green Tech Award; McLaren Applied Female Engineer of the Year; and Most Innovative New Motorsport Product of the Year

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