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EXTREME H: Racing in some of the most remote corners of the planet, Extreme H will –quite literally – carry the development of hydrogen fuel cells into new frontiers. By Chris Pickering

FORD ON F1, NASCAR, WRC& TRANSIT VANS! The mount of the reigning NASCAR Champion, Ford is also returning to F1 and engaged in the World Rally Championship. So how comes its latest technical tour de force is a transit van? Hal Ridge talks to Mark Rushbrook, global director of Ford Performance

MOST INNOVATIVE NEW PRODUCTS: A look at a few of the innovative new products that transformed the 2023 season – and will shape 2024

RAKE TECH: INDYCAR GOES HYBRID: The arrival of electric and hybrid powertrains poses new challenges for motorsport brake experts. Chris Pickering consults two of the key players at PFC Brakes

WORLD MOTORSPORT SYMPOSIUM: Mark Skewis introduces the nominations for this year’s RACE TECH technical awards, the winners of which will be revealed at the World Motorsport Symposium

POWER TECH: FORMULA E: Formula E’s’ pre-season testing offered a glimpse into the future of electric racing– and the obstacles that come with it. By Olivia Hicks

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