Issue 237 £2.50
  • F1’S SLIDING SCALE HANDICAP SYSTEM: A radical sliding scale for aerodynamic testing is coming to Formula 1 in 2021,but is it a gimmick or a game-changer? William Kimberley quizzes F1 Head of Aerodynamics Jason Somerville and Mark Skewis gauges paddock reaction
  • FROM HOSPITAL TO THE RACE TRACK: Could this collar, developed by Italian physicians, transform safety/driver performance in endurance events like Le Mans and the Dakar Rally? Anthony Peacock tries the prototype of the Neuron Guard
  • HYUNDAI’S ELECTRIC PIONEERS: Chris Pickering examines the challenges faced by Hyundai, one of the pioneers committed to the world’s first multi-brand electric Touring Car series
  • FORMULA 1’S ‘NEW NORMAL’: Formula 1 has often been accused of ‘living in a bubble’, but now it really needs to. William Kimberley examines how it is returning to racing in the midst of the pandemic
  • INDYCAR Packing everything into a one-day show ensured that the Aeroscreen’s debut wasn’t the only topic of conversation as IndyCar returned to the racetrack. TinoBelli, IndyCar’s Director of Aerodynamic Development, gives William Kimberley

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