Le Mans special £5.95
  • LE MANS: PORSCHE 917 A beast, dubbed the widow-maker on its Le Mans bow 50 years ago, went on to become one of the greatest racing cars of all-time. Gary Watkins investigates the taming of Porsche’s 917
  • LE MANS: TOYOTA PLANS FOR DISASTER How do you prepare for a race most people think you have won before you even arrive? A good start, as Alan Stoddart discovers, is to rehearse disaster scenarios at a deserted racetrack
  • SPEC PARTS: SAVING F1, OR KILLING IT? Will the stampede towards the use of more spec parts make F1 fairer, opening up a previously closed shop, or does it erode the sport’s very DNA? Craig Scarborough tackles a thorny question
  • BATTERY TECH Whether on two wheels or four, an old car or new, serious racers all demand the same high performance from their batteries. As William Kimberley discovers, this is something BF-Akku delivers

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