Issue 283 £5.95

MERCEDES IN THE F1 WILDERNESS: The W15 might be less spiteful than its “diva” predecessor, but Mercedes still has a mountain to climb before it is competitive again. By Tony Dodgins

IT’S LOLA, BUT NOT AS WE KNOW IT!: The world’s most successful manufacturer of customer race cars is reinventing itself, with electrification, hydrogen and sustainable fuels and materials the core focus. Chris Pickering explains

ANDRETTI’S AI DEAL: How Andretti is laying the foundations for a fresh assault on the F1 bastion

BATTERY TECH: To embrace electrification at all levels, motorsport must source high-performance battery cells at a realistic price point. Chris Pickering talks to InoBat’s chief commercial officer Iain Wight, an expert who understands the juggling act

IS THAT A PAIR OF TYRES YOU’RE WEARING?: Olivia Hicks tackles an issue that’s preoccupying every tyre supplier: sustainability

PEUGEOT 9X8 2024: With headlines aplenty but no wing, Peugeot’s first LMH didn’t go to plan. Now, with a revised design cloaked in anew livery, is the lion about to roar? By Gary Watkins

PRODRIVE AT 40: David Richards Champion co-driver that he is, David Richards has spent his entire career identifying obstacles on the road ahead, rather than peering in the rear-view mirror. By Chris Pickering

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