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NASCAR GOES HYBRID: NASCAR is returning to Le Mans for the first time since its thunder was felt in 1976, but this time it’s a very different beast that will thrill the fans at the 24 Hours

F1 2022 THAT’S BETTER! Is this order the ‘new normal’, or is porpoising masking the cars’ true pace? Craig Scarborough examines the design traits – and some of the tricks employed –that have made F1 2022 such a revelation

DEALING WITH PORPOISING: Porpoising has dominated the start of Formula 1’s new era. Our Expert Witness
– an insider who must retain anonymity –uncovers some of the mechanisms that are causing the phenomenon and addresses potential solutions

INDUSTRY NEWS: Formula E investigates life beyond revolutionary Gen3; Honda opens new $124 million wind tunnel; LMDh/GTP ERS tested; AVL RACING rebranded; Gen3 Supercar updates allow “attack mode”; new measurement company launches in Italy; Total Energies debuts first 100% renewable fuel in WEC; Xtrac launches
Academy; second-life Jaguar I-PACE batteries harnessed

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