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F1 2023 ANALYSIS: From Aston Martin’s attack, to Merc’s misery, and from faltering Ferrari to Red Bull’s sudden supremacy, Craig Scarborough examines the F1 teams’ response to life after porpoising.

MEET ‘THE BEAST’: Featuring 2024 Honda IndyCar hybrid power unit technology, the CR-V Hybrid Racer has been developed as a rolling laboratory for Honda Performance Development’s experiments with electrification, hybrid technology and renewable fuels. Chris Pickering talks to HPD President David Salters.

MERC’S FORMULA E POWERTRAIN: The Mercedes-EQ powertrain redefined Formula E, dominating the end of the world championship’s Gen2 era. Chris Pickering discovers what made it so special.

HYPERCAR: WEC’S BRAVE NEW WORLD: The regulations governing the Hypercar class are focused on controlling performance outcome instead of setting design or geometrical restrictions. Gary Watkins explains the major shift in philosophy that underpins a new golden era of sportscar racing.

FORMULA 1 TECHNOLOGY THE ENGINEERING EXPLAINED: In this extract from his new book, Steve Rendle examines the innovations that made the difference as increasingly tight regulations marked F1’s passage towards its hybrid era.

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