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LOLA’S YAMAHA COUP: The new Lola: Formula E project spearheads strategy that includes electrification, hydrogen and sustainable fuels and materials.

PRODRIVE’S GREATEST CARS: As motorsport powerhouse Prodrive celebrates its 40th anniversary, R&D director David Lapworth offers Chris Pickering an insight into some of the company’s best-known cars.

RACING’S BEST-KEPT PERFORMANCE SECRET?: The creators behind some of the world’s best-known brake fluid formulations have packaged their latest innovations in an off-the-shelf blend for professional motorsport. By Chris Pickering.

PORSCHE 963: With maximum power cut and minimumweight increased, Porsche looked the loser when the latest Balance of Performance was issued. So how has its 963 been transformed into the car to beat? Gary Watkins explains.

INDYCAR’S NEW CLUTCH: IndyCar’s transition to hybrid technology raised a number of questions for the clutch manufacturer. AP Racing provided the answers. By Chris Pickering.

RALLY TECH: no hybrid, no problem! The hybrid system was portrayed as the poster-child for world rallying’s sustainable future. So how comes the sport’s key players are relaxed about it being axed? By Anthony Peacock.

RALLY TECH: M-Sport Ranger Ford has conquered Monaco, Le Mans, Daytona and Bathurst. Hal Ridge discover how M-Sport is approaching the challenge of adding the iconic Dakar Rally to the Blue Oval’s roll of honour.

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