September RACE TECH

Issue 262 £5.95

McMURTRY SPÉIRLING: Chris Pickering talks to the UK squad propelled into the limelight by record-breaking feats at Goodwood with a spectacular machine inspired by Brabham’s F1 fan car

PORSCHE 963: Head of Porsche Motorsport Thomas Laudenbach talks LMDh, Le Mans, FormulaE and Mission R. By Chris Pickering

NASCAR: Eric Jacuzzi, managing director of aerodynamics and vehicle performance at NASCAR, talks Chris Pickering through the aero development of the Next Gen racecar

FORMULA STUDENT 2022: Sara Goodsell quizzes Formula Student chief design judge Dan Jones after an event that mirrored the trends witnessed in the wider automotive and motorsport spheres

PIKES PEAK: Could Ken Block’s ‘Hoonipigasus’ be the last big-budget ICE project ever built for the Pikes Peak Hill climb? Hal Ridge examines a car with a vintage silhouette, packed with the latest technology

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