September RACE TECH

Issue 274 £5.95


LAMBORGHINI SC63: Lamborghini and Alpine may be late arrivals to the LMDh sportscar party but, as Gary Watkins discovers, both projects have been a long time in the making.

THE HYDROGEN TRANSITION AT LE MANS: It looks a matter of when, rather than if, a hydrogen-powered car wins the Le Mans 24 Hours. Bernard Niclot, consultant for the ACO’s hydrogen programme, talks Chris Pickering through the complexities of the transition to H2 combustion and fuel cells.

FORMULA STUDENT DEBRIEF: Design Judge Dan Jones offers his thoughts on the 25th anniversary of Formula Student, an event that for the first time saw more students working on electric and Autonomous vehicles than on traditional ICE designs.

POWER TECH: LMDh HYBRID:  COVID and a global supply crisis bedevilled the gestation of a hybrid system that has gone on to spark a new golden era for endurance racing. Chris Pickering speaks to two of the architects of that success.

FORMULA 1: TYRRELL’S SIX-WHEELER: In this extract from his new book, Richard Jenkins investigates how Tyrrell sprung one of Formula 1’s biggest surprises: the extraordinary P34 six-wheeler.

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